Reliable Strategies for Data, Information & Knowledge Management

We have worked with these types of organizations:
  • Associations
  • Consumer products companies
  • Financial services firms
  • Government agencies
  • Healthcare companies
  • Independent research centers
  • Law firms, including AmLaw 100 firms
  • Manufacturers
  • Marketing communications companies
  • Professional services & IT consulting firms
  • Public libraries
  • Publishers & content aggregators
  • Retailers
  • Telecom companies


Consulting engagements include:
  • Information Needs Assessment surveys and focus groups.
  • Assessment of online resources needed by a major R&D organization and negotiation of appropriate pricing and licenses.
  • Selection of core e-resources for a new financial services firm.
  • Recommendations for rebalancing print-electronic resources.
  • Global content licensing support.
  • Survey to compare usability and usefulness of several content aggregator services.
  • Assessment of attorneys' information-seeking/using practices across multiple offices of a national law firm.
  • Analysis of open source content management systems appropriate for a digital library.
  • Benchmarking and customer satisfaction studies.
  • Recommendations for organizational content strategy.
  • Taxonomy and metadata development.
  • Creation of database to house departmental research with custom taxonomy to facilitate finding material.
  • Collection of user feedback for publisher during product development stage.
  • Initial planning team for new non-US library.
  • Information Center Policies documentation
  • Information Governance recommendations for association's publishing department

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